Director General

Dt. 16.11.2013


Dear Friend,

Corruption is a major factor which adversely effects the economy of any country. Most of the biggest sources of corruption in India are entitlement programmes and social spending schemes enacted by the Government. Corruption threatens and hurt economic recovery.

Justice in a system is getting what is due for oneself. If we go to a shop and get some adulterated medicines or sub-standard goods, we are not getting justice. If we have to use “pairavi” for getting a driving license, we are denied justice. It is the government servant (or public servant, as the law calls him), who is expected to check such offenders and see that justice is done to every one. Unfortunately, if the public servant himself has a stake, he cannot enforce the rules of the game and that is why people at large suffer.

If justice is getting what is one’s due, ‘power’ of a public servant is often used to withhold what is due to a citizen. You are entitled for a service, but you do not get the service as expected. The system has allowed every stakeholder to distort the system for personal benefit. No one, I am afraid, can stand on high moral pedestal and point at others. In all natural calamities, you can notice any number of fake claims made by people who have not suffered any loss and who try to corrupt the same public servants whom they find fault with.

Let us not cynically conclude that we get the system we deserve. We can change it. You can be a partner with the A.C.B., to fight corruption. Let us identify well meaning, public spirited citizens and form groups in each district, who would be prepared to spare a little time and energy to identify the bad lot. Media is quite often helping us in unearthing irregularities in various government departments. No doubt, some accounts may be exaggerated, but they do detect lapses. The A.C.B., needs help from the people and media in identifying the bad public servants, their brokers, their modus operandi and the way in which the bad lot build up or conceal their properties.

It is not a matter of honour for us that the Transparency International (an international organization dedicated to fight corruption among many other things) is rating India constantly low in moral values. In 2012 India has ranked 94th out of 176 countries in transparency international corruption perception index. There is a need for all right thinking persons to get together and fight against this. The strength of evil is the inability of the good.

Let us not be spectators. You and I can exchange views and interact in a meaningful way to build up a bull work to check corruption and pave the way for building a prosperous state.

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