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 Who can give a complaint / pass on information / approach ACB…?

Anybody can give a complaint or pass information to the ACB
 How can I approach ACB Officers?

You can contact your nearest ACB official in person or through telephone. The telephone numbers can be found at Contact Us.
 Whether any written complaint is necessary…?

Complaints have to be given in writing. However, information can be passed on otherwise also e.g. through phone, e-mail, or personally to ACB Officials.

 What is the protection to me if I give a complaint or pass on information to ACB …?

If any public servant is trapped by ACB on a complaint given by you, your interests will be safe-guarded/protected by ACB
 Will I be rewarded if I give a complaint / information …?

The complainant will be rewarded suitably depending on the merits of the case.
 Will I get any traveling or other allowances for meeting my expenses …?

No TA or allowances will be given by ACB. You have to meet the traveling expenses on your own
 Do I have to pay anything for giving a complaint / information?

 If you have any other questions please contact the nearest ACB Officer for clarifications
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